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Introducing our 2017 Fusion PAIGE Ambassadors!

We?re so pleased to introduce our Fusion PAIGEs. These esteemed professionals and Fusion Ambassadors come from all areas of the country and all aspects of our business. They?ll be walking around the event space, so stop them when you see them to say [...]


How to Create Great Content for Social Media

The often-quoted phrase ?content is king? has never beentruer than in the world ofsocial media, where the most results-driven communications are brief, relevant, timely, andattention-getting. And applying this principle is even more essential [...]


How to Use Snapchat for Real Estate 101

The trick to real estate in today?s digital world is to be tech-savvy. As a real estate agent, your business and services, and the way in which you market them need to stay current with the world you live in. It?s crucial to be familiar with the internet, [...]


How to Manage Social Media Time and Resources

Success for real estate professionals inthesocial environment requires a balance between their social goals and the time and other resources available forreaching them. However, starting witha realistic plan can set a course forstriking this [...]


4 Top Ways to Obtain Real Estate Leads

Versatility is the key to filling your pipeline with real estate leads. As such, it?s important to execute a combination of both on and offline marketing strategies to ensure you reach the highest number of potential clients. Consider these fourmethods [...]


Critical Real Estate Terms to Know

The real estate industry has its own language. There?s a vast array of real estate terminology every real estate agent must know and fully understand in order to work efficiently and to grow successfully. As such, learning the industry can be quite [...]


Pioneering Real Estate Marketing Tactics to Start Today

The real estate industry is arguably one of the most competitive industries out there. The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials estimates that there are approximately 2 million active real estate agents in the United States, so it?s incredibly [...]


5 Tips on Communicating with your Seller

One of the most common complaints sellers have about their real estate agent pertains to lack of contact or consistency in communication. Although you?re busy trying to get your seller?s house sold, it?s imperative to maintain open lines of communication [...]


6 Signs Your Website May Need an Update

Technology is constantly evolving. It seems every day, a new feature, mobile app, device or operating system is being rolled out that changes the way businesses operate. To succeed in the real estate industry, you need to ensure your real estate website [...]


5 Tips to Breaking Out on Social Media

Social media is a powerhouse. It?s changed the way businesses operate today, and without it in your marketing strategy, you could be selling your services short. With millions of people using social media every day, creating a strong social media [...]

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